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Repair Services Available

Love your Birkenstock like new again

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Classic Resole                                                                                                  $40

New outsoles available in black, brown & white, re-attach upper to footbed,

new finish of cork life.

Classic Recraft                                                                                                  $75

New classic footbed and outsole of your choice

Footbed options: Birkenstock, Papillio or Birki's

Outsole options: black, brown or white


Soft footbed Recraft                                                                                           $80

New soft footbed and outsole of your choice

Soft footbed options: Birkenstock, Papillio or Birki's


Toe or Heel Taps                                                                                               $10

Taps can be added to the toe or heel to prevent uneven wear of the sole

(sold by pair)


Buckle Replacement                                                                                          $10

Buckle replacement is available in a variety of sizes and color.

Color options: black, bronze, brushed silver & bright silver (sold by pair)

Footprints Resole                                                                                               $85

Footprints by Birkenstock resole is a hand stitched sole available in

black & brown